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I Need to be Honest

I need to be honest with you. With all that is going around the internet, I feel like I have to admit something that you might not agree with… I can no longer quietly hide behind a cloak of silence and conceal who I am, or what I do… If you don’t like it, I...

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It’s Cold Out

Day 1: The Freeze March 7, 2014 It's been a couple of hours with no power to the house and I don't know how much longer we can last. Rocco killed my phone right off the bat in a frugal attempt by me to gain a few precious minutes of sleep this morning - I should have...

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I think I figured out why I hate doing laundry… more-so folding laundry… Girl clothes. Tonight I decided to help my other half out a little since I’ve noticed she’s been working hard cleaning up the place.  She and I have two totally different ways of cleaning.  She...

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