Augmented Reality is the future of advertising, video, games, and even amusement park attractions. It’ll be a way you view your information.

Imagine watching the The Ring and little Miss Creepy crawls right out of your TV onto the floor, or watching a movie in the theaters and you look up to see the helicopter as it flies in from behind you onto the screen as you get a blast of air from above, or your child hanging out learning from their favorite cartoon character who made a special visit just for them in your own living room. Or go to an historical site and watch what happened there play out before your very eyes as if you were front row and center experiencing it when it happened. Could you imagine the Magic that would happen at Disney World? It’s time they build a new imagineering division and get that ball rolling! It’ll be everywhere and in anything – this is more than simple 3D – it’s the next step.

A few large corporations have already dabbled with it before in their advertising campaigns, it’s the Next Gen Oculus Rift (it won’t be VR but AR) – Sell that one to Facebook, and even though it’s already out there, it isn’t mainstream enough to be a default setting in your mobile phone or google glasses… However, the technology is there, it’s already in place, waiting patiently to catch on and spread like wild fire…

This is Back to the Future Jaws 19 sh**! It’s 2015 – what better time to jump onboard! My ideas are bigger than me – it keeps me up at night – anybody wanna play? You can find me here – lighting my fire.

Augmented Reality