As you may (or may not) have noticed – I like to collect… things.  However you might not know the reasoning behind most of my collections and what I display in my home.  Like most typical collections that people have – it’s based on a feeling, a memory, it’s vintage, and/or because of a certain genre or style.  These are all true for me… But more so, my collections and objects are based on character design, inspiration for my own work, and the stylized art of it.  I don’t collect things because it has a print of a character I like or just because of the theme of the object – it has to have an interesting design to it – it has to be creative.  Most people might see me as goofy and I do have things around that convey that too (a miniature rubber ducky on my desk or the Kermit the Frog sitting in the corner next to my TV – yet even these are stylized or almost an exact replica of the character)… You might also notice that instead of displaying high value or vintage baseball cards on my wall like you might see in a typical man cave – you’ll see a wall of vintage Garbage Pail Kids – each one a design of a different character, however, those have the added bonus of also being a childhood memory.  You might also walk into my house and think a kid decorated the place, and base on who you ask, that might be true.  However, if you look closer, you’ll see a collection of artwork, design, and who I am – an artist, inspired by character, and a fan of the art of its creation and style.  I do try and keep it kid friendly (except for the classic monsters I have scattered here and there that I occasionally have to explain to the boys that they don’t have to be afraid of), and most things I keep at reachable and accessible level for a kid to grab and play with – I don’t keep it for the money (I am the end user), and because, really, someone has to play with them or else the memory or the feeling dies with me.