I have unfriended for gore
Some things are just too damn hardcore.
I don’t want to see the things I find most abhor.
You won’t see me begging for more.

Then I unfriended some who were just a bore
Flooding my wall with posts I’ve seen before
Causing me to fall asleep and snore
Like the swelling roar of a musical score.

I have unfriended the person with the Christian Dior
For filling up my wall with everything she wore.
I feel those things are better left in a drawer –
My Wall shouldn’t look like a Department Store.

I have unfriended people for what I stand for
Because some things I just can’t ignore
Things that seemed to have rocked me to the core
The Eagle will soar as I light them up with C4 galore.

I unfriend the ones that always want to start a war
Standing at my front door trying to outscore
So I take out some refined uranium ore
And swore to stick it right up their back door!

Because cleaning up my wall becomes such a chore.
Trying to restore it to what it looked like before
Back when I could hold the Hammer of Thor
Back when I had a good rapport with the friends that I adore.

So if you were a friend heretofore
I implore you to explore what has been said before in the days of yore
Because Edgar Allen Poe said it best with a deplore
Of the Death of Lenore, a Raven, and “Nevermore.”